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It's not you, it's the volume of candidates applying right now.

If you are in a job search and aren't hearing back on your applications, you are not alone. I've spoken to a number of individuals who have applied to one job after another, only to experience radio silence. What in the world is going on? First and foremost, there is high volume of talented individuals on the job market right now. According to the site, 350k tech employees have been laid-off since 2022. There is a strong possibility that your resume isn't even being reviewed (sorry to break it to you). So, what should you do to land a new job you love? Here a few recommendations:

1. Network, network, network - a friend and former colleague shared that she has applied to 100+ roles (phew!) since being laid-off and is currently in process for 4 roles. I asked her if she had any success with "cold applying" and she said "no" emphatically; the traction she made on applications was due to reaching out to hiring managers directly on LinkedIn or being referred for roles.

The key here is to make as many *human connections* as much as possible. Review your LinkedIn connections and start reaching out to people. See if they are open to a 15-20 min virtual coffee chat. See if they can refer you for open roles. See if they know of anyone you should speak to. As I've shared in past posts, I was unemployed for a full year during the Great Recession and one email to a networking connection changed the course of my entire career. You never know what may come about with 1 outreach.

2. Tailor your resume to each job you apply to - as a former recruiter and now career coach, I've reviewed hundreds and hundreds of resumes. I've seen the good, bad, and downright eye-opening of resumes (10 page resumes anyone?). A common mistake I see candidates make is sending a generic resume out; one that doesn't answer the following questions for a hiring manager or recruiter: a) what type of role are your seeking? b) how do your skills and experience align to the role? c) what is your unique value proposition as a candidate?

The key here is to make it easy for the reader of your resume to understand your story. Don't leave it to the reader to make-up their own story up about you as a candidate.

3. Take the roadless traveled - if thousands and thousands of candidates are applying for the same jobs, what can you do differently to standout and make money? Think about different ways you can standout as a candidate and generate income. A coaching client said she landed a new job she loved simply by sharing a post on Facebook. Another coaching client decided to take a 6 month contract role to help him up skill in SaaS. As a result, he increased his annual comp by $20k.

If you are unemployed and feeling discouraged, know that many others are feeling the very same way as you. There is nothing wrong with you. You are talented. You are valued. You will land a job. You have skills that are needed.

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