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Example Focus Areas for Career Coaching

  • Navigating complicated interpersonal dynamics and understanding how people perceive you

  • Identifying your strengths and superpowers to achieve greater fulfillment in your career

  • Determining your core values, priorities, and vision for your career

  • Discussing your transferable skills and experience to make a career pivot

Do You Desire to Reach Your Full Potential In Your Career?

Whatever your situation may be in your career, I can help identify barriers or roadblocks that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. For example, your current role may not fully utilize your strengths or superpowers, or you may be in the right role but not with the right manager who sees your potential and fully values and appreciates you. We will delve into your career and figure out action steps you can take to move forward with a sense of purpose and empowerment.

Perhaps You Are Considering Switching Careers…

As a seasoned career coach who has worked with many clients who’ve made successful career pivots, I can help you identify: 

  • All the options available for a potential career change

  • What type of work and environment are ideal for your personality

  • How to communicate your transferable skills and experience with confidence

  • Big and small steps you can take to explore different options in your career


We’ll also partner together to address fear around making a change in your career. It’s completely normal to experience trepidation when considering a dive into the unknown, especially when money is a key consideration. When working together, we will address your level of tolerance for risk and determine how important security and stability are for you.

Common Themes I’ve Seen In Coaching Hundreds and Hundreds of Clients

Having coached executives, entrepreneurs, and a wide range of professionals over the last decade, I’ve recognized some common issues that plague my clients:

  • Dealing with the imposter syndrome

  • Being overwhelmed by competing demands 

  • Feeling like a failure compared to peers

  • Struggling with a manager mismatch

  • Being unsure of how to navigate tricky politics at the top


When dealing with these types of situations, I’ll partner with you to determine what is in your control versus what is out of control. We will have honest conversations about whether you want to stay in your current role or whether it’s time to move on and find a better fit. Most importantly, we will devise a plan of action that will help you experience greater joy, happiness, and success at work!

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Our “Always On” Culture Can Lead to Feeling Overwhelmed and Burned Out

When we are receiving a constant barrage of pings, emails, texts, and notifications 24/7, it can be challenging to unplug and allow the mind to rest. Many of my clients (especially those working in Silicon Valley or the tech industry in general) feel this constant pressure to be available and highly responsive all the time, whether it’s in the wee hours of the morning, late at night, or on the weekends. As a result, my clients seek out coaching to help them set boundaries at work. Some of my clients have implemented rules for when they work and when they are fully present with their families. Other clients have gone as far as removing work emails from their phones. For each client, I partner with them to determine what type of solution will be feasible and will help them feel more in control over work (instead of feeling work controls them).

Career Coaching Opens Your Work Life Up To New Possibilities

My style as a career coach is very forward-looking and action-oriented. Unlike therapy—which can focus more on dissecting the past to understand how it’s impacting you know—coaching seeks to address clients’ goals, objectives, and visions for the future, while meeting the client where they are at right now. It’s important to note that discussing past experiences and understanding historical context can be useful in coaching; however, this information is purely used to help us identify solutions right now. As your coach, my goal is to understand you from a holistic perspective as a means of helping you move forward in your life and career.

What To Expect

During our career coaching sessions, I will hone in on key focus areas, determining what is going well in your career and what may be causing dissatisfaction in your career. We will identify what you have the power to change, whether it’s a shift in mindset, action steps towards a career goal, or taking an entrepreneurial leap and starting your own business. 

After each coaching session, I will provide you with an individualized action plan to help promote reflection and empowerment, as well as providing structured and concrete steps you can take to move forward. Here are example action steps you may receive as a client: 

  • Taking stock of when you feel most energized at work

  • Conducting a calendar audit to determine where you are spending your time

  • Reflecting on your core values and whether you are embodying them

  • Outlining a list of your strengths and superpowers

  • Devising a learning plan to improve your areas of development

  • Creating a ‘village of support’ to help you progress in your career

  • Scheduling coffee chats to expand your network and learn from others


Our work together will foster greater self-awareness about the mental, emotional, and physical energy your career is taking up in your life. With this insight, you will be able to increase your impact, improve interpersonal dynamics, clarify professional and creative goals, deepen your values, and be more discerning in how you spend your time. 

While working as a top-rated internal “Career Guru” at Google, I had the honor of coaching employees from all backgrounds, including those in engineering, legal, sales & marketing, and people operations. Due to my effectiveness and impact as a coach at Google, I was nominated to help other Google employees become better coaches for their teams and peers. Throughout my coaching career, I have offered my clients a safe, nonjudgmental place where they can simply be themselves and share the raw and real truth about their careers, including the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Clients often ask me questions such as, “Is this normal to be feeling this way about my career?” My answer is always, “Yes, it’s completely normal!”

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Perhaps You Have Questions About How A Career Coach Can Help…

According to the Institute of Coaching, 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence and over 70% report seeing a marked improvement in their work performance. From a tactical perspective, coaching can help individuals in a myriad of other ways, such as: 

  • Obtaining clarity on what you want out of your career

  • Holding you accountable to both short-term and long-term goals

  • Determining the top priorities for you in your career

  • Processing a challenging relationship with a manager

  • Helping you devise a job search strategy after a lay-off

  • Motivating you to move outside your comfort zone

I am concerned about the cost of career coaching.

Since insurance does not cover coaching, I understand the cost can be a potential financial burden.  Because of this, I don’t force clients to purchase packages like many other coaches. Instead, I encourage my clients to schedule sessions as they need them and offer shorter, 30-minute sessions for those looking to offset the cost of coaching.

In addition, I also offer a sliding fee scale if you are a single parent, are unemployed, or are struggling with financial hardship. I myself faced unemployment during the Great Recession and have a lot of empathy for those dealing with uncertain financial circumstances. Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your specific situation in more detail.


What makes you qualified as a career coach? Why should I work with you?

A number of clients have remarked that my 10+ years working in Corporate America is what initially drew them to my coaching practice. Clients have also appreciated that I have first-hand experience as a former top-rated internal “Career Guru” at Google as well as experience as a Career & Executive Adviser with a career transition firm in Silicon Valley. Example areas clients have sought out coaching for: 

  • How to devise an action plan to get promoted

  • How to develop greater presence in order to be seen as a leader

  • How to navigate a manager mismatch or complex team dynamics

  • How to overcome burnout and feel more energized at work

  • How to create a vision for an ideal life that is fulfilling 


Besides my experience in Corporate America, I also began working with my own coach at the age of 25. I was extremely grateful to find a career coach who helped me better understand myself, specifically that I am a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). Due to experiencing such a strong match with this particular coach, I ended up working with her for 10 years and she ultimately inspired me to become a coach myself! 

Note: Whether or not you decide to work with me, I highly recommend finding a coach who has done their own internal work, whether with another coach or therapist. This is important for a number of reasons. First, it ensures a coach knows what it’s like to be coached or receive feedback from another professional. Second, it’s a sign that a coach has a strong desire to fully understand themselves, which can then help in also understanding others. Third, if a coach hasn’t done their own internal work, they may not feel comfortable holding space for a client or they may unintentionally project their unhealed wounds onto clients.

What are some examples of what your clients have achieved through your career coaching services?

Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with clients from all walks of life, including tech execs, entrepreneurs, mid-level managers, individual contributors, and recent grads. Common themes I’ve seen with all my clients is a yearning for greater fulfillment, meaning, balance, and success in their careers. If you are interested in hearing directly from former clients, please visit my Testimonials page.

You Can Feel Inspired And Motivated At Work

Are you ready to take action to move your career forward? If so, I look forward to scheduling a FREE Discovery session to learn more about you and your career goals. Please note that in-person care

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