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Feeling exhausted? Read more to understand why…..

In order to sustain high performance productivity at work, it takes a fairly deep level of introspection to determine what you need to thrive and be your best self. During the upcoming holiday break, it’s an opportune time to slow down, reflect, rest, and determine the underlying causes of your exhaustion (the fact we are still facing an ongoing raging global pandemic obviously is a reason as well)

Sharing a few thought-provoking solutions to consider:

Say NO – for any people pleasers reading this, constantly saying “yes” when you *really* want to say “no,” will drain the life out of you. One of the most energizing and life changing lessons is the following: we will never make every single person happy, no matter how hard we try. We have to accept that people will be disappointed in us, not like us, or feel their own needs are more important than our own. Once we start putting our own needs first (which means our wellbeing) and set clear boundaries, we will feel empowered to move through life without guilt weighing us down.

Allow your personality to shine bright – a former manager once said to me, “Colleen, you bring all of yourself to work!” Well, frankly I don’t want to leave part of me behind. 🙂 In all seriousness, when I stifle my passionate, dynamic, and expressive self, I am exhausted & a shell of the person I am meant to be. I feel strongly that employees can only do their best work when they can be themselves. It takes tremendous energy to be one person at work and another person at home. So, if you aren’t in an environment that supports and values you (the REAL you), find a new environment! (I understand however this is a privileged place to be in and not possible for everyone)

Honor your body – we simply can’t go through life using a brute force approach, pushing and pushing; thinking our bodies can function on little sleep, poor nutrition, and non-stop work. Eventually, our bodies will call halt and we’ll crash and burn. In order to avoid a depletion of our reserves, ask yourself the following: 1) How many hours of sleep do I need to wake-up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day with zest? 2) What types of food and drink help sustain my energy throughout the day? 3) Am I taking breaks from work and engaging in activities that bring me joy, make me laugh, and serve as creative outlets? (especially for those in heavy left-brain fields)

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