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Example Focus Areas For Leadership Coaching

  • Increase confidence and self-awareness by further developing EQ (emotional intelligence)

  • Improve working relationships with the executive team, peers, direct reports, and stakeholders

  • Enhance executive presence by honing communication skills and developing grounded confidence

  • Sustain high-performance productivity by creating a wellness at work plan

Do You Want To Be A More Effective Executive, Leader, Or Manager?

  • Are you looking to enhance your interpersonal skills and opportunities for advancement?

  • Would you like to establish more collaborative relationships across your organization? 

  • Are you keen on helping your team become more successful by further developing your leadership skills and being able to address conflict with confidence? 

  • Would you welcome feeling more calm, centered, and focused at work instead of scattered, overwhelmed, and exhausted? 

  • If so, a leadership coach can help you devise a personalized action plan to help you become the leader you aspire to be!

Leadership Is A Personal Journey

When healthy leadership is missing, it can lead to a ripple effect and negatively impact the whole organization. Instead of operating from a growth mindset and strong sense of self, leaders may be reactive or unaware of the ways in which they are projecting their own issues onto their teams or the whole organization. 

A leadership coach can serve as a support system and sounding board as you learn to understand your own mental models, unique strengths, personality, triggers, and areas of development. Partnering with a coach can help uncover ways you can be more impactful and influential as a leader by better understanding yourself and how others perceive you.

Before One Can Lead Others, They Must First Learn To Lead Themselves

Did you know that only 1 in 10 individuals have the talent to manage others? According to Gallup, “Though many people are endowed with some of the necessary traits [to lead], few have the unique combination of talent needed to help a team achieve excellence in a way that significantly improves a company’s performance.”

Gallup found that great managers possess the following 5 traits:

  • They motivate every single employee to take action and engage employees with a compelling mission and vision

  • They have the assertiveness to drive outcomes and the ability to overcome adversity and resistance

  • They create a culture of clear accountability

  • They build relationships that create trust, open dialogue, and full transparency

  • They make decisions based on productivity, not politics


If you are interested in becoming a great leader and working on developing the 5 traits mentioned above (or any other areas), a leadership coach can help. When partnering together, we will co-create an action plan that will identify how you can step into an empowered leader who others want to follow.

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My Approach To Leadership Coaching

If you are an individual who desires to become the best leader possible and you are eager to receive feedback about your leadership style, you will likely be a strong match for coaching. Having worked with a variety of different leaders over the past 10 years (both as a coach and an employee), I bring meaningful first-hand experience to my coaching practice. I’ve been able to see top tech CEOs in action, work with VPs as their business partner,  and provide coaching to Directors interested in re-evaluating their careers. Outside of my experience in the tech industry, I’ve had the opportunity to coach a range of leaders from COOs to GMs to SVPs (and those aspiring to move into these roles). 

I strongly believe that leadership coaching is an opportunity to participate in the kind of active, inner development that is necessary for cultivating high emotional intelligence—“the single most important factor” for distinguishing star performers, according to the studies of psychologist Daniel Goleman. More than IQ, advanced degrees, or technical experience, emotional intelligence (EQ) is the key to being a successful leader.

What To Expect

Coaching begins with me taking time to understand you as a human being first and leader second. I’ll obtain insights on how your background shaped you, what success means to you, and the vision you have for the future. We will then dive into areas you would like to develop as a leader and any current challenges you are facing in the workplace. (As a side note, I believe everything is interconnected; I’ve seen how unhappiness or stress at work can impact all other areas of a leader’s life). 

I will also identify the mental and emotional models that are contributing to your success and potentially impeding your success. By observing these particular models, you will have a better awareness of why you become triggered in certain situations or with certain people. We will work on challenging certain mental and emotional models that are no longer serving you, which will help in bringing you greater peace in all areas of your life. 

Last but not least, leadership coaching is designed to promote a sense of forward- momentum and growth. As an action-oriented coach, I will work with you to define your key goals, with a focus on establishing quarterly goals as well as long-term goals. After each coaching session, we will agree on 2-3 action items (AIs) to stimulate internal reflection and/or external action. These AIs will help you stay accountable while helping to create lasting positive change in your personal and professional life.

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Through leadership coaching, my clients have been able to:

  • Identify core experiences driving work-related stress and tricky interpersonal dynamics

  • Achieve clarity about themselves, others, and how their actions and behavior impact relationships

  • Challenge assumptions, especially when they are negative

  • Become resourced with strategies and supportive relationships that lead to greater interpersonal effectiveness

  • Enhance self-awareness and overall emotional intelligence 

  • Approach work with more confidence, clarity, and ease

Leadership coaching can impact you in all areas of life, not just in your career. By doing internal work, you can rise to the leader you aspire to be and have greater success motivating and encouraging those around you.

Perhaps You’re Not Sure If A Leadership Coach Can Help You…

As a busy leader/executive/manager, I already feel overscheduled and can’t commit to regular coaching. 

Working together, we can determine strategies for delegating more, attending fewer meetings, and prioritizing tasks, all of which will allow for more space in your schedule. Due to my background in mindfulness and meditation, I can help you learn different techniques to facilitate more calm and focus at work. If you are really driven to further develop as a leader, you will see coaching as a priority and will find time for it. 

What qualifications do you have as a leadership coach?

Due to my background working in HR at two of the biggest tech companies in the world, I had an opportunity to work with a wide-range of leaders, from CEOs who sold their businesses to these tech companies, to seasoned engineering leaders, to up and coming rising star leaders. I witnessed first-hand the challenges these leaders faced in juggling a number of priorities in a fast-paced and high-pressure environment. For the past 10 years, I’ve also coached a wide-range of leaders who have been in transition, whether due to a voluntary departure from their company, a lay-off, or due to a manager mismatch (typically with the CEO or another C-suite leader). Finally, I started career coaching for myself at the age of 25 and feel lucky to have learned from an extremely wise woman who supported me for the first 10 years of my career. I learned a tremendous amount about what it means to be an empathetic and compassionate coach who holds space for clients while also being a courageous and confident coach who challenges clients as a means of helping them evolve as individuals.

Unleash The Leader Within

My coaching services are available to executives, entrepreneurs, managers, and individual contributors keen on moving forward in their careers. For clients in Denver, Boulder, and surrounding areas, in-person sessions are available, including walk-n-talk sessions. For those outside of Colorado, virtual sessions are available via phone or Google Meet. If you are interested in scheduling a FREE 30 min Discovery coaching call to determine if there is a good match between us, contact me today at

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