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Client Testimonials

Leo, Seattle

"Catalyst" is a word that describes Colleen the best in her professional and coaching capacities. Her passion, dedication and great listening skills make her a powerful coach.

Sean, Dublin Ireland

I felt heard and challenged on some of my assumptions, which has proven very useful to me and my way of approaching problems. I'm very happy I had the chance to speak with Colleen.

Ricardo, Bay Area

Colleen is an amazing person to talk with. She really listens to you, gives great advice, and helped me focus on what I want to do and how to achieve my goals.

Edwin, Indianapolis

I wanted to reach out to let you know that I finally made it happen! Thanks to your guidance, I managed to get a job at GitLab. After 19 years working in software engineering, I managed to pivot into a client facing role. I will be eternally grateful for your coaching sessions, for helping me gain the confidence I needed, and also for helping me shape my professional profile for this new professional challenge.

Allison, Bay Area

Prior to meeting with Colleen, I was feeling incredibly burned out on both a physical and mental level. My conversation with Colleen helped to lift a weight off my shoulders and alleviate a feeling of helplessness.

Sarah, Bay Area

Colleen was great! She showed caring, asked thoughtful questions, helped me realize areas I could reflect more on, and gave me permission to feel the way I feel - all without judgement.

Monica, Bay Area

I found the session with Colleen to be incredibly helpful. I came away feeling more inspired and have begun to take action based on some of the things we discussed.

Angela, Bay Area

A session with Colleen is life changing.

Stanely, Bay Area

Colleen is an excellent coach with super insights! She took time to listen to my perspective and gave practical, actionable advice.

Jason, Seattle

My wife was offered her dream job and we moved cross country. In the process, I gave up my technology job and was looking for a new company to start a career with. I worked with Colleen to figure out exactly what I was really looking for in my next career. Once we relocated I began the process of interviewing and wound up with multiple offers. Using the great coaching I received from Colleen, I was able to ask poignant questions of my prospective employers to get the information I needed to make the right decision for me. In the end, I was able to find a new career that perfectly matched my desires. Without Colleen's ability to help me realize what was most important, I may have ended up at a company that did not align well with what I really wanted out of my life and career. I highly recommend Colleen to anyone who is looking for guidance or wants more fulfillment in their career. She was a wonderful person to work with and you won't be disappointed!

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