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Focus areas for wellness coaching

  • Determining the root cause of your stress 

  • Balancing your left brain and right brain

  • Devising personalized self-care strategies that work

  • Allowing creative energy to flow in order to feel more joy

  • Embracing a growth mindset to achieve your goals

Are You In Search Of Strategies For Optimizing Work-Life Integration?

Do you constantly ruminate about work, even after you’ve left the office or logged- off of your computer?

Is it common for you to bring your work with you into other areas of your life, obsessively checking your phone at all hours? 

Are you experiencing signs of burnout?

Do you yearn to feel more energized, focused, and productive?

You may feel emotionally, mentally, and physically depleted due to the stress and demands of your job. Perhaps you always feel “on” and experience a constant pull to constantly check your email. As a result, you feel work is controlling you versus the other way around. 

By establishing boundaries with work and embracing energy management strategies, you can take control of work. This will result in feeling less overwhelmed, less harried, and less unhappy at work and in your overall life. The question to ask yourself is, "Has your work completely consumed your entire life?"

Perhaps You Are No Longer Prioritizing Joy, Creativity, And Wellness Due To Work Pressure

When the stress of everyday life accumulates over time, you can lose sight of your priorities. Maybe you stopped prioritizing your physical health and are eating poorly, not exercising, or drinking excessively as a result. Maybe you stopped doing activities you used to love because you feel “there is simply no time.” Maybe your brain is tired because you never allow it to rest, wander, and be present. Whatever your situation may be, working with a wellness coach can help you implement small changes that will make a big difference in how you feel each day.

The Majority Of Employees And Managers Struggle With Work-Related Stress And Burnout

“Burnout” has been a hot-button term circulating across the tech world, healthcare industries, and other high-pressure professions, especially since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us feel overwhelmed due to the mounting demands in our personal and professional lives. In fact, a Microsoft survey of 20,000 workers across 11 countries concluded that nearly half of employees—and 53 percent of managers—report experiencing burnout at work.

The Mayo Clinic has determined that the six leading causes of employee burnout are:

  1. “Job Scope Creep” or the phenomenon wherein employees are expected to perform additional responsibilities outside of their job description

  2. Lack of engagement due to toxic workplace elements

  3. Prolonged hours and heightened stress

  4. Limited upward mobility and lack of growth opportunities

  5. Poor management

  6. Limited communication channels between leadership and employees

These challenges lead workers to take medical leaves, consider leaving their jobs altogether, or embrace “Quiet Quitting.” Unfortunately, however, external pressures like the need to make money or the belief that we are not suited for better positions (or work we may truly love!) can keep us stuck in a loop of work-related stress, loss of focus, and burnout. Not to mention, work-related stress is not often looked at through a holistic lens, encompassing all aspects of physical, emotional, and mental health.

Wellness coaching can optimize your life so you can sustain high-performance productivity at work long-term. Partnering together, we can address the root causes of burnout so that you can feel prepared to tackle your job-related responsibilities with confidence—while leaving room for the experiences that spark joy and energy in your life.

Wellness Coaching Through My Practice

My own life  journey has opened my eyes to the benefits of creating a holistic plan to address health issues. During a decade-long bout with a mysterious chronic illness, I was tasked with doing my own research in order to find answers to my extreme fatigue, depression, and digestive issues. It was a long and arduous process that helped me realize how unprocessed trauma, nutrition, and high stress can impact the body. As I learned more about what it takes to heal chronic illness, I’ve realized many people would benefit from creating a holistic wellness plan to ensure they are prioritizing their health. 

During my time working in People Operations at Google, I developed a training entitled "Sustaining High Performance Productivity" to help employees implement energy management strategies. As a former internal “Career Guru” at Google, I witnessed first-hand the benefits of coaching the whole person and taking stock of their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. I feel strongly we aren’t meant to show up at work as robots and run on automatic pilot for 8+ hours of day. We need to honor, nourish, and support our bodies, especially when in high-stress, fast-paced and demanding work environments. 

Using both my personal and professional experiences, I aim to help clients learn how to stay energized, happy, and productive at work.

What To Expect

Coaching sessions will be collaborative, personalized, and focused on helping you achieve optimal levels of wellbeing. During our initial session, I will help you identify what is draining your energy, whether it's due to not establishing boundaries at work, not eating an ideal diet for your unique body type, or not taking adequate time for rest and renewal.

Coaching emphasizes the importance of "energy management"—as opposed to the more traditional focus on "time management"—as a key to sustaining high performance productivity. By recognizing that you don’t have to respond to every single text, ping, and email, you can be more present in your life, versus constantly distracted. Your energy will feel less “pulled out” externally and more contained internally. 

Wellness coaching is an opportunity to craft a life that feels more integrated and fulfilling versus fragmented and overwhelming. When you take control of your work schedule, health, diet, and mindset, you will see transformation in all areas of your life. By gaining control over the role that your work plays in your life, you can regain a sense of optimism and energy.

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Common Questions About Wellness Coaching

What exactly is wellness coaching and how will it benefit me?

Wellness coaching helps working professionals maintain a high level of performance and overall sense of emotional stability. Wellness coaches help with establishing short and long-term goals for clients to reach an optimal state of health. During the coaching process, a coach will identify obstacles or challenges that are preventing a client from feeling their very best.

A wellness coach serves as a support system, a cheerleader, a resource, and an accountability partner to help clients stay on track. By promoting more calm, composure, and level-headedness as it pertains to work-related stress, coaching paves the way for optimal energy.

What kind of client can benefit from working with a wellness coach?

My coaching approach benefits clients who want to feel more energized, focused, balanced, and happy at work. Through coaching, these clients can understand that maintaining high productivity and performance at work is strongly related to a wide range of external factors—including diet, sleep patterns, and general stress levels.

Can wellness coaching be incorporated into career or leadership coaching sessions?

Absolutely! As a coach who ascribes to a holistic health philosophy (i.e., looking at the whole person instead of just certain parts), I am happy to include wellness into any form of coaching. Conversely, if you are not interested in aspects of wellness, I will individualize the coaching process, meeting you wherever you are on your journey.

It’s possible you already have an effective wellness plan in place, in which case our coaching sessions will focus on other career- and leadership-oriented elements.

When You Feel Your Very Best, The Possibilities Are Endless As To What You Can Achieve

As a wellness coach primarily working with clients in the corporate world, I am honored to combine my passions for business and health to help you perform at your best. Please contact me for a complimentary Discovery coaching session to determine if there is a good match.

Wellness coaching is available in-person to clients in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, with online sessions available to clients worldwide.

Schedule a FREE Discovery session today

A Discovery session gives you an opportunity to determine if I am the right coach for you. During our 30 min together, you can ask questions about coaching, share your goals in working with a coach, and ask me more about my experience and approach to coaching.

Hourly Rate: $125/hr


5 Sessions


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