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HR Consulting

With experience at a small boutique HR consulting firm and 15 years working in HR at Microsoft and Google, I will utilize my background in recruiting, talent management, strategy & operations, and performance development to help unleash the talent of your people for 10x impact to your organization!

Areas of expertise

  • Candidate experience & engagement

    • Oversaw the strategy & vision for candidate experience at Google (for both internal & external candidates)

  • Internal mobility

    • First team member hired for a new Internal Mobility team at Google

    • Launched ‘mobility office hours’, setup operations for our reorg support, and led data analysis and reporting for our QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews)

  • DEI

    • Part of initial efforts to support, retain, and coach historically underrepresented employees

    • Launched an interview prep and advocacy program for Black+ & LatinX software engineers

    • Devised the first-ever equitable allocation of work strategy

  • Performance development

    • Served as a Design Lead for our new GRAD (Google Reviews and Development) process

  • Talent management

    • Devised a first-ever talent management strategy for a previous team

  • Internal coaching programs

    • 5+ years experience as both a Career Guru and facilitator for ‘Getting Started as a Career Guru’ (helped train hundreds of ICs, managers, and leaders)

    • Launched a tech coaching program for internal SWE candidates and scaled to Tech Writing, Technical Program Management, Product Management, Product Operations, and UX (300 internal volunteer coaches participate and support 1000 Google employees each year in transferring to technical roles)

  • Corporate wellness

    • Served as a ‘Wellbeing Champ’ at Google and created a ‘Sustaining High Performance Productivity’ training

    • Led weekly meditation sessions

Rate: $350/hr

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